Should I eat these accidentally sprouted lentils?
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Should I eat the lentils that sprouted (well, sprouts became apparent) during cooking?

I boiled the lentils briefly then lowered to a simmer, cooked with vegetable bullion and garlic. I noticed tiny white sprouts coming out of some of the lentils after I cooked them fully (they're clearly sprouts, not anything else), but the lentils looked normal before I cooked them. I didn't soak at all.

I was hungry, so I ate half a bowl (making this perhaps a redundant ShoudlIEatThis post), but are we cool? Am I going to get sick at all? The internet has so far told me about lentils that sprouted after 8-12 hours of soaking, not after no soaking at all.

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Best answer: Yes, go ahead and eat them! This happens lots of time to me, and I never soak mine either --- and if lentil sprouts were going to kill me, they've had many, many batches over many, many years to do so.
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Best answer: Sometimes you're actually supposed to sprout lentils in recipes. It adds texture! So just pretend that you meant to sprout them and carry on.
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Best answer: Sprouting beans is actually good for you -- release more nutrients.
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