How to improve my radio voice delivery?
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Need a voice coach in Toronto or some sort of DYI or online solution. For radio, not singing.

I've been working to get into public radio for the past year or so and I'm doing ok at it - had a few stories on local NPR stations and on CBC.

I think I'm pretty good at interviewing, gathering sound, and editing - but I'm struggling with voicing. I do alright pre-recording narration alone at home, but lately I've been doing stuff in studio under a producer's direction - sometimes on a tight deadline. In these higher stress situations I clam up, get all phlegm-y, stutter, and basically just stress out. It hasn't stopped me cold yet, but I'm never super happy with my delivery under these conditions.

Help me get to breezy natural tone when reading from a script! I think a local (Toronto) voice coach might be the way to go - but I'm also open to books, websites, or anything else that will help me relax and improve my delivery. Exercises I can practice over time would be great. Thanks!
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He's known as a jazz vocalist, but it wouldn't hurt to get in touch with George Evans; he's got an amazing voice, and has worked extensively in radio and television VO. If he can't help you directly, it's possible that he could point you in the direction of someone who can.

Good luck!
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