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What are some good tech blogs for non-nerds?

My wife recently decided that she didn't want to become an old lady who didn't know anything about new technology, and asked me to recommend some tech blogs for her to follow. The problem is that most that I'm familiar with (eg. Engadget, Ars Tech, etc) publish hundreds of stories a day on minutia that won't interest her. I'm looking for good high-level, low-volume blogs that would cover the high points about new tech developments or cover new gadgets that would be interesting to someone who just wants to keep current on things. Perhaps a good tech-subsite on a more general readership site?
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The Economist's Science-and-Tech blog is pretty good, and more aimed at general-interest types than mega-nerds.

And how about Wired?
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Best answer: I use the Tech sections of various national papers to get a basic overview of the week's tech news. I like The Guardian's tech section a lot, but CNN has one, NY Times has one, and Washington Post has one.

I am a longtime subscriber of Wired. The regular old paper copy is pretty cheap for a year's subscription. If she's a Facebook user, she can become a fan of their page and they'll post a few stories throughout the day that are easy to ignore in the news feed, but sometimes there's something that will catch your eye and will be worth a click.
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The USA Today Tech Headlines feed is good for this, if she's ok with an RSS subscription.
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I'll second the NY Times and say that the tech columns in Slate would also work.
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Best answer: She sounds like David Pogue's target audience.
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