Tile importing + baby clothing = ?
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Can you help me come up with some cute ideas for a customized onesie or other baby gift, having to do with tile?

So, this is probably a bit weird, but my supervisor (who I'm very close with) is starting maternity leave on Monday. We work at a close-knit tile importing company and because we're almost a family there, I wanted to make some cute tile-themed onesies or other paintable/customizable gifts.

I've painted onesies before (wash-safe, nontoxic paint) and I'm pretty confident I can have them all done in one evening, maybe three to 5 total, but I need ideas of what to paint on them.

I'm definitely doing a teeny version of our work shirts. Here are some other keywords to help; I can either paint images or text or some combination:


If I can't come up with anything good, I can do cute, standard baby stuff, but I'd love to go with this theme.

Thanks in advance!
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I think that a quilt that looked like tiles would be cool.
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I wish I knew how to quilt, or had time to make said quilt- the gift needs to be made by tomorrow evening. Cute idea, though!
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"Little Nipper"

And maybe something playing off of alphabet blocks?
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Something spelled out with NOLA street tiles on the onesie would be amazing.
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What about little coloured squares (sort of tile-like) laid out to look like a heart with white "grout" in between each one? Sort of like this? or really any simple graphic done the same way. For ideas I'd look at simple pixel art.
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find an interesting roman mosaic and paint it on the onesie?

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If anyone's curious, here are the finished products! The center one is our company's logo.

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Nice work! thanks for the pics!
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