I want some currants.
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Who in San Francisco will sell me currants?

I love fresh currants. Red currants especially, but black currants too. Unfortunately, it's a goddamn miracle if I ever find them in stores.

Does anyone know a store, retailer, or farmers' market in the Bay Area that carries currants regularly or frequently, at least while in season?
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I'm assuming you've tried the Berkeley Bowl?
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Rainbow Grocery? Maybe somewhere at the Ferry Terminal?
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Golden Produce on Church Street at Market in the City has them regularly in season. They are awesome that way.
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Also Bi-Rite. (Haven't checked, but would wager you could get them there.)
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There is also Monterey Market which is also in the East Bay. I like them better than Berkeley Bowl.
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I have seen currants from the weird citrus people at the Civic Center Farmer's Market in SF.
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I've seen them in Berkeley Bowl before and I think in general Berkeley Bowl is the place most likely to have them regardless of season, because that place has every kind of produce imaginable. Branches of sugarcane, green almonds, passionfruit...Radiolab even mentioned it in their episode about being overwhelmed by choice when selecting produce.
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