For some reason googling "the pretty dress that I want" is not returning the right results....
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How do I find other dresses like this one?

So I'm crazy into this dress but, seeing as how it's already sold and I'm not a size 3, I'm trying to find other ones that look a lot like it. Patterns would be fine too. I'd happily welcome links directly to dresses, but I'm also curious about what search terms should I be using. I know those are butterfly sleeves, and the buttons mean a shirtdress, but what is that neckline called? I thought it was a keyhole but that returns a lot of stuff that's strapless or halter and nothing with the neck fastener like that--same with sweetheart or heart-shaped. Also would welcome other forums to ask on or resources for looking up fashion terms. Thanks!
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That's a princess seamed dress, Mandarin collar with a keyhole.

I'd take it to a seamstress/tailor to see if it can be recreated. Actually, that's not a very tricky dress to sew.
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I'd call it a peekaboo Mandarin collar, personally.
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It looks like keyhole mandarin collar gets you a lot of similar necklines, too, at least on Google shopping.
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Since it's Etsy, I recommend you contact the seller directly via the web site and ask her/him to make you the dress you want in your size. IME this has always worked! Could probably get it in different fabrics or with other modifications, too.
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Ah, shoot, I just realized the dress was a vintage item, not handmade. My bad. Maybe the seller could give you more info on search terms, though?
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- saw this a while back, you could always buy some cheap practice dresses from a thrift store.
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