Do you know the title of this book?
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I'm trying to recall the title of a young adult novel I read a few years ago. Help!

Has anyone else read this book? Please tell me if you have.
I've forgotten most of the plot and the characters' names. Here is what I do remember:
The protagonist is a teenage girl. For some reason she is taken prisoner by a dragon in its cave. The dragon is female and can talk. She gives the protagonist a bookshelf or a cupboard in which she can store little trinkets. When the protagonist keeps the dragon entertained (e.g. singing to her, telling her stories), she gets more trinkets added to her stash. If she displeases the dragon, trinkets get taken away. The rule is that if she ends up with no trinkets, then the dragon will kill her.
There is also a male romantic interest who seems to be a ghost and leaves no footprints when he walks.
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Best answer: One of my favourite books! The two princesses of Bamarre by Gail Carlson Levine.
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Best answer: Yes, it is definitely the Two Princesses of Bamarre. An excellent book!
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Response by poster: Just wikipedia'd it, you guys are right! Thank you thank you thank you!
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If you haven't tried the audiobook, go for it; it is a real treat.
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