How does one get an apostille for a background check?
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A friend asked me for help getting an apostille of her daughter's background check for a job in Korea- I haven't a clue where to start, but I've included her question inside.

My question has to do with the process of getting authentication (apostille) for FBI background check for employment in Korea. Their site has a list of Channelers (agencies that do the background check), but it also has the following:
"An FBI-approved Channeler cannot authenticate (apostille) fingerprint search results. A request for your FBI Identification Record or proof that a record does not exist must be submitted directly to the FBI if an apostille is needed."

So, how does one go about getting the authentication? The FBI office in San Jose gave me an address in West Virginia. I called their number and they have a recording that walks you through the process, but I didn't hear a timeline. I am concerned about the timing since I've read it takes 12 weeks. My daughter is to be in Korea in October.

What are some reliable agencies that would do this process for you? You'll find a whole bunch of them when you do a search, but which one is reliable?
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I had to do an apostille for a power of attorney. In Oklahoma City I went to the State Capitol. They have an office to verify signature and stamp documents. The cost is minimal, around $25.00.
Google your state and apostille and you should be able to find where to go.
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Some people have had success getting a notarized letter stating the authenticity of the fbi check and having their state capitol apostille that. However, not all states will do that. I stayed on the safe side and mailed my FBI background check to the State Department with a return envelope back to Korea when I was living there. US State Department There are some good threads on Dave's ESL cafe and
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Here is the website I used when I had to do it. It takes a while but is pretty painless. Most Korean schools will not
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sorry, hit enter by accident.

Most Korean schools will not accept state level apostiles of FBI background checks. You have to go through the State Department (a state apostile of a federal government document is meaningless. How can they certify a document that was not issued by their state?)
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I got my fingerprints taken at the local sheriff's office, (three of them, apparently it's common for fingerprint cards to not be perfect enough) and then I mailed them to the FBI to get the background check. They sent it back to me (in a self addressed stamped envelope I'd provided them with), and then I sent the background check to the State Department (with a self addressed stamped envelope).

The whole process took me a solid 2 months from fingerprinting to apostille having. (you can memail me if you need specifics other than the links anendau gave above)
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