What a nice rack. No, wait, come back!
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I really like this Umbra Loft magazine rack - but they no longer make them, and I can't find anything similar on the 'net. Any way to get one, or something extremely similar?
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This looks like something anyone with next to no experience in making things could throw together in under a weekend. Most big box stores will sell you a board and make one or two cuts on it right there for free, and do more cuts for a buck or less. A 12" board, some screws and brackets, and some black paint and you've got your magazine rack.

You get them to make you 3 pieces that are like 5-6" long, and two that are 14" or so (guesstimating from the photo.) Two right angle brackets on the bottom of each spot where the wood comes together about 2 inches in from the outside so they stay hidden, and some 3/4" screws which you probably wouldn't even need to drill holes for if you're using pine. Sand until you're happy then paint.

If you want to get fancy, use red oak, and drill out pilots or punch them out with an icepick or awl, then paint it with black latex or thinned oil paint. The grain will show exactly like what you see in the photo but actually will be real, classy wood instead of vinyl over chipboard which I'm guessing is what the Target folks used.
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I agree that this looks like an easy project that should just take you a couple of hours. Just go with mcrandello's instructions.
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This guy looks pretty cool once it's full of magazines: Flexifile organizer. There are bigger ones, too. But if you want something more minimal, Blu Dot Wall-mounted or this rather expensive Blomus.

Otherwise, yes, make it!
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