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K. My google skills are weak. I am opening an art gallery at the intersection of Gore and Powell street in Vancouver, B.C. I want to name the gallery the GPS coordinates. Can I find this on the internet, Google maps or something? I should add the deadline for declaring this is 5pm today, so time is tight.
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Can't you just go there with a GPS device?
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If you can find it on Google Maps (I can't), zoom all the way in then click the "Link to this page" link. In the URL will be something like: sll=49.244977,-123.110518, which is the lat and long in decimal.
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Try You can put in an address, then look at the bottom left of the map screen to find the coordinates.
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I just tried typing in Gore and Powell Street, Vancouver, BC into the maporama link about and got the following:

49° 15' , -123° 6'
49.262 , -123.113

You will want to check this, but it may be right!
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Response by poster: thanks for all the the help, I would just like to add I have no GPS device (kinda technologically impoverished ) and i only have till 5pm, so its too late to track one down to borrow one. Yes, I know I should have started on this earlier....
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Here is a list of places where you can find assistance.
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What's the address of the gallery? The Maporama doesn't do intersections, so the Lat-Long posted above by xorowo looks like it's for the 'center' of the city as determined by Maporama. What is the street address?
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For what it's worth, I don't think it's such a great idea to name a business a bunch of numbers that no one is going to be able to remember off the tops of their heads or find easily in the telephone book. Maybe just call it the Gore-Powell Gallery?
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Using Google Maps, I'm getting 49.283330, -123.097794. Moving it around a bit, it looks like 49.283, -123.098 is sufficient to get you pretty close to the middle of the intersection.

I just tried Maporama, and I think the coordinates given above (49.262, -123.113) are for the geographic centre of Vancouver, not for Gore and Powell. The coordinates don't appear to change as you move around the map.
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If you enter "200 Gore St." into Maporama, you get 49.283, -123.098. There's your coordinates.

Having tried Maporama, I have to say that Google Maps is a hell of a lot easier to use.

What astruc said. Except that "Gore-Powell" sounds like some kind of nightmare political ticket.
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GP Gallery? GPG? Gallery PG? PG Squared?
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Or how about just Gallery 123? North of the 49th parallel is a pretty common shorthand for Canada, so how about using the other axis?
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Lat. 49.283148
Long. -123.097644

Map of intersection
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Third, that looks like Powell and Raymur, a long way to the east of Gore.
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Response by poster: Thank you for all your help. its like 240 Gore I believe, Sept 9th is Swarm in Vancouver, a fireworks of art shows where galleries across vancouver are open late. Vancouver Me-Fites will be very welcome. Still trying to come up with the best name, suggestions are welcome. The coordinates are a bit long for gallery. Thinking maybe Unskilled Labour.
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Though I'm late to the party, you can get Google Earth and it'll tell you the latitude and longitude of wherever you point your mouse cursor, in the usually preferred degrees/minutes/seconds format.
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Not a good idea IMHO. Too cold and calculating for an art gallery. Not memorable. Why not take an anagram of Gore and Powell, and call it Pogo Weller?
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When I'm looking for a name for my art gallery, I know where to turn. But WTF people? Can't you just answer the fucking question?
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Gore-Powell, hmmm.. a nightmare political ticket? I dunno -- may be something viable there! Certainly don't like the way some are acting as if Hillary's already the annointed candidate. And if Colin Powell had some kind of 'Road to Damascus' conversion...
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