Google maps embeds ≠ $$$ ?
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Can anybody confirm for me that I can embed a Google Map on a commercial website in an iframe, without hitting the 25,000 request limit on the Google Maps API, or incurring a lawsuit?

If anybody has an explicit Voice of Google page saying this, I would appreciate it enormously...
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You can embed a Google Map via an iframe on a commercial website as long as it meets the criteria (must be freely available and public facing, e.g.). If you exceed the API limit, you will be billed accordingly. Here's a step-by-step tool to confirm your use is legitimate.
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OK, that helps, but I am still a little confused. Am I using the API by embedding the map in an iframe on my site?
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Will this do?

No API key required, and I don't think they will block it, no matter how many times it's viewed.
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Oh, it's the same first link as misterbrandt's.

I don't think the API comes into play here, if you do the above. You're not using the API at all, you're not specifying an API key, and you probably haven't signed up for an API account.
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Do you want a dynamic map that users can pan and zoom? Or just a static map that will never change? If the latter, just make the map into a graphic (jpg or png) and put that on the page.
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A good compromise between fixed and dynamic map is to make an image as exphysicist345 suggests above, but make that static image a clickable link to the actual google map page with the marker you require for the dynamic searchable version.
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just make the map into a graphic (jpg or png) and put that on the page

if you're concerned with legalities, don't do this. the map data is © google (like it says at the bottom right of every map display), so you can't just take it to use on your own website without infringing on that copyright. odds of anything happening are slim, but it's worth pointing out.
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