What is this particular kind of button called?
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What is this particular kind of button called? A picture!

This is a power button board from a Gateway NV53 laptop. The one my customer brought me is missing the little square-with-a-button doohickey. You see these kind of buttons all the time on motherboards but I don't have a clue what the technical name is. If it helps, the board underneath has three contact points. Putting a wire across all three powers on the laptop.

Bonus points if you can point me to somewhere I can buy this thing.
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"Momentary action switch."
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Surface-mount momentary contact button? http://www.sparkfun.com/products/8720
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PCB Mount miniature tactile switch/microswitch.

You can probably find a compatible part at DigiKey (they will sell you things in quantities of one). Actually replacing it might be a more advanced operation. Do you have a soldering iron?
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Whoops, I meant DigiKey.com.
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Thanks for getting me on the right track, guys!

Here's a picture of the actual board I need to attach said button to. It looks to me like the old button was just glued on. That would certainly explain why it was lost so easily.
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You may want to check Radio Shack for the part before ordering it online. They're really, really shitty about carrying parts these days, but they still tend to have the basics.
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Well, it's not really glued. Those contact pins on the switch should be soldered to those three pads. Did the pins break off the pads and that's why the switch isn't functioning?
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Squinting a little closer at the board I can see you're right, it was soldered to those points. It's not working because I just plain don't have the switch. The customer brought it to me with just the board.
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Right, it's a surface mount (smd) tactile switch. I'm not finding any in the Mouser catalog that has three terminals on one side though. Closest I can find is this.
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