I want a HD camera that can also do slo-mo filming.
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CameraFilter: I am looking to buy a DSLR camera that can not only videotape movie-quality HD, but also film in super slo-mo.

I've heard that the Canon EOS 5D Mark2, and EOS 7D have been actually used in feature films, but I am also looking for a camera that is capable of super-slo mo, something like 2500 fps. It doesn't have to be that high, but in that neighbourhood. Can someone recommend something that would suit my needs? Thanks!
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No such camera exists. You can pay $100k for a professional phantom camera that can shoot that fast, but it is a video camera through-and-through and nothing like a DSLR. Most DSLRs have a 60 fps mode, some have 120, usually at reduced quality.
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Tyler is right. The Red Epic also does very high framerates, but it's almost as expensive as the Phantom. Even at 60 fps the current DSLRs can only do 720p. Canon has a new 4K DSLR coming out this year, which I assume will do 60fps at 2K.

Your only real options are to rent one of these pro video cameras or get an old film camera and learn about "undercranking."
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The qualities that are targeted for a DSLR aren't really the ones needed for video or especially super slow motion video. Video that current DSLRs can produce is just barely comfortable at 1080 at normal TV or movie frame rates, and that has been used for commercial TV and "film".

Casio has been the leader for consumer or prosumer cameras that can do super slow motion. It didn't translate to big sales. The Exilim Pro EX-F1 is now four years old but still barely available new. It can do up to 1200fps at what could be called 96p (compare to 720p), 600fps at 192p. For $3500. Casio has other less expensive current cameras that can do 600fps, Canon has some P&S that can do 240fps. All of these are at image sizes too small for typical TV quality.

Usually a video editing program plugin called Twixtor is used to simulate super slow motion from 24/25/30 or 60fps video, even for music videos and commercials etc. Results from this plugin are what you have been seeing everywhere, except for a scientific video or a "test". Twixtor simulates and generates all the frames in-between normal video frames. Example and tutorial.
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Sony's new NXCAM FS700 ($8K USD w/out lenses) does 240 fps at 1080p but only in short bursts (16 secs.)
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Keep in mind that the fewer frames that Twixtor has to interpolate, the less likely you'll be able to see that characteristic Twixtor artifacting. So, if you can, shoot at at least 60fps to improve your results.
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