the bed's worn and tired legs
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What is this white/metal part on my bed frame called, and where can I get replacements?

Is it a caster? When I think bed casters, I think of wheels, and ever search for casters brings up wheels. The frame is about 14 years old and doing fine, but I want to replace the white-screwed in supporting feet with something in better shape. I do not want wheels. I don't particularly care if it's plastic, but the ones I have are falling apart, so I'll take whatever replacements I can get. Is there an exact name for what I'm looking for?
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I believe it's called a "leveling foot"!
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You should be able to unscrew it and take it in to any hardware store (Home Depot, etc.). Amazon sells them too but it might be easier just to bring it to the store and have someone match up the size of the one you have with the one you need. They make some that are all glide-y too in case you want to be able to move your bed around easily on carpet or hardwood floors.
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I've worked in numerous hardware stores, and if someone brought that in, I would probably wind up making them a replacement part or selling them the things to do so. I've never seen a part like that, and you're unlikely to find it at a big box or a small chain. My solution would be to take a block of scrap 2x4 cut to the height you need, drill a hole into one end, and fasten into that hole, to be flush with the top of the block, a t-nut that matches the threads of the post. Then you can screw the post into your new "foot" and it should last you a very long time.

That is, assuming the post has threads. I can't tell from the photo.

But yes, what mirielle said. Take the part to your hardware store and try to find someone who's been there for a few years. They'll fix you up.
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