Should be Holland Park, but without the bark.
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London Filter: Aunt and Mom plus one nephew looking for a place to stay mid-August. Any ideas that are three day weekend central to everything with some character?

After checking expedia and some other travel places, nothing really pops out. Happy with an apartment rental or hotel, but don't know where to start. Unfortunately my london knowledge is outdated.

Key points: Should be accessible via a couple of tube stops to the tourist favourites. In an area with restaurants and distractions for a 13 year old.

Thanks for the help!
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Yikes ... you'll be there for the Olympics, which means everything will be nutso and public transport is going to be even worse. Are you actually going to any of the events? That will make a difference for suggestions on where to stay.
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Have been staring at London apts on "airbnb" for past two days. They will for sure have something for you. You have to create an account and kind of figure out the site but it is awesome and there are still availabilities for mid-august in a mid-priced range where 2-3 people can be in one room. Trust me, I have been staring at rooms for 2 days!! Just google "airbnb london".
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(Olympics ends on the 12th as far as I know- July 27th to Aug 12).
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(Olympics ends on the 12th as far as I know- July 27th to Aug 12).

The Paralympics start on Aug 29th so London is expected to remain busy until mid September. I would recommend a hotel over apartment rental as rents have skyrocketed.
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Second airbnb. I ought to contact them for a commission for all the recommending I do! The map feature really narrows it down for you.
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