Name that saint.
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Can you help me identify a religious statue?

I was at an Italian festival last week and there was a display of catholic religious statues. One was very creepy. It was a bearded man holding the skin from someone's face rapped around his arm. I was wondering what the story behind this statue was.
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Best answer: Is it the statue pictured here? That might be a starting point.
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Response by poster: I can't make out the left arm well enough. I don't think that's the exact statue for sure though.
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Response by poster: It looks like that's definitely not the same statue, but might be the right saint (with the flayed skin and whatnot).
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[T]radition holds that in Armenia he was flayed alive and then crucified with his head upside down.

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Without seeing the statue, that sounds like St Bartholomew - he's often depicted either carrying a flaying knife or with (his own) skin hanging on his arm. It made him the patron saint of something like leather-goods people or tanners or something.

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