Footing rules in DanceDance Revolution
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Is there an underlying logic behind the footing rules in DanceDance Revolution (DDR)?

I recently started playing DanceDance Revolution (DDR) on the Wii, and pretty soon was doing well with most songs on the 'difficult' mode. Now I'm getting AA's on the faster expert songs (e.g. Crazy Love), but some songs still tangle my feet up.

I am working on the assumption that any two consecutive 8th notes or faster should be taken using alternating left and right feet, otherwise accuracy suffers. But there are some routines that just never seem to 'work out' when I do this - no matter which foot I start with, I get tangled up either way. One example that I can think of right now is "the Way You Move" from Hottest Party 4.

So my question is: am I missing something? Or are there sequences where the same foot is simply required for consecutive 8ths?
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Nope, you're not missing something. Sometimes you do have to use the same foot for consecutive 8ths.

There are some common sequences you should be able to do while still alternating though, for example:
U L D R D L D R D L D starting on the right foot - forces you to face to the right.
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Ok thanks, I think I'll just avoid these songs in future then. And thanks for the example - I actually really love sequences like that, with lots of crossovers that all work themselves out in the end :-)
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As you keep playing and your skills develop, you won't find it to be so awkward to double step 8th notes. You'll eventually reach a new level of laziness - when you're too lazy to turn and double step instead. Although it's mostly ITG that pushes you in this direction, not DDR..
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