Recommations for cat/pet sitters in Toronto? Help me feed my cats and go away too!
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Does anyone have recommendations for pet sitters/cat sitters that you liked in the Toronto area? I have the opportunity to go away for July & August to my parents cottage on Prince Edward Island but to make that happen I'll need to arrange for someone to feed my two cats (Max and Bentley) while I'm away.

I'm in the Bathurst & St. Clair area if that helps narrow things down. I've looked at a bunch of places online but I can't tell if they are really any good and the one place I've contacted has been super slow in responding and I'm getting a little antsy.

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I have a good friend who cat-sits, and who's very reliable: memail me!
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I can vouch for VIP Sitters--or at the very least, the sitter they assigned to us. I used them last year for my summer vacation (also to PEI!). They were a bit slow to respond too, but once I followed up again things started rolling quickly.

I'm at Dufferin/St. Clair and they had no problem with the location. Feel free to memail me if you have questions.

Caveat, maybe: they ask for two sets of keys in their agreement, but they let us get away with just one (we have a security door key and getting extra copies is mega troublesome).
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Best answer: I've had great experiences with Casa Meow. I've used them several times now; I just booked them for our summer vacation. They guarantee 45 minutes of feeding/brushing/play time every visit, and judging from our sitter's notes, they follow through big time. My wife and I booked them for our three-week honeymoon last September, and our cat barely seemed to notice that we'd been gone.

Note that they split up their sitters geographically, so you wouldn't get the same sitter as me (I'm at Dundas/Parliament). That said, I've also had nothing from great reports from friends at King/Bathurst and Eglinton/Allen who've used them as well.

+1 for online booking and Interac e-transfer payment.
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Despite their online booking, their website isn't configured to work without the www prefix. Here's a working URL: Casa Meow
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My pet sitter (dog/cats) might be interested. Memail me if you want her contact info.
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Check out this post. Maybe could help each other out?
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I would also be willing to do it for you. I'm a grad student living in Toronto, I love cats, and I've watched people's pets before. You can send me a MeMail if you're interested.
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