learning english as a spanish speaker
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A friend of mine is trying to learn English (he is a Spanish speaker), and knows very little English. He lives in a Central American country, and I am going to send him a good book and some CDs for learning - they dont have English textbooks in his school. Can anyone suggest a good series on learning English for Spanish speakers? Is there a audio series that is really solid? Or books that are good? My Spanish is okay, but not enough to be making those kind of judgements.
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this isn't helpful for the basics, but once he gets those, english-language movies are a great way to get used to american or british accents (both hearing them and learning to speak with them) and idioms. I knew a guy who studied english that way and his english was indistinguishable from that of a native speaker. (I also met a guy who did the same thing when learning spanish, with similar results).
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can't help with the textbook, but can confirm what clarahaster says - at least here in s america there's a lot of stuff on tv (certainly cable, but i think terrestrial too) in english, and many undubbed films, so hearing the language is not a problem. he should be able to buy textbooks locally - everyone wants to learn english - and it would be much cheaper than you buying, especially with postage, so you might consider just sending cash, or buying a "real" book in english that would interest them (english books are much harder to find than material aimed at spanish speakers for learning english).
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Response by poster: He's in Central America, and I lived in this town for a few months (about 30,000 people), and i can safely say that the materials there are of really poor quality - like intended for Spanish->English business travelers. His school cant afford textbooks, so he just gets copies, and theres no grammar reference or anything else - he needs a basic introduction to the language.

His family also are pretty poor, and cant afford cable (6/month), so they have access to only one broadcast channel, and everything is in Spanish (no English subtitles) - i would have thought it would have been a good idea otherwise.

I know theres a lot of Spanish->English learners in the US, so i figured someone could suggest something.
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