Looking for ukulele groups/choirs in MD
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Can you help me find a ukulele choir or group in Maryland, specifically Montgomery or Frederick Counties?

I want to learn how to play the ukulele, and I'm find playing around on my own, but I would also like to join a choir or group for friendship and camaraderie. Are you aware of a ukulele choir or group in Maryland? Montgomery County or Frederick County would be ideal, but I'd love to know about groups in other areas also.
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Best answer: You might contact Marcy Marxer, who teaches ukulele at Takoma Park's House of Musical Traditions and runs the Ukulele Social Club web site.
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Response by poster: Wow. That's absolutely fantastic, because I am also interested in the accordion. Thank you very much.
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Ooh, Marcy Marxer! My mother would plotz if I told her she was available for lessons.
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Just in case you didnt see this, the UkeFest is coming up in a few months! Not exactly what you asked for but thought you'd be interested! http://www.strathmore.org/eventstickets/calendar/view.asp?id=8265
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