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Everyone remembers Reading Rainbow, but what about other reading TV shows in the 1980s?

I know there were other shows in which adults read books to kids. One of my favorites involved a white man who possibly had a Burt Reynolds-ish mustache, who read books as he drew chalk illustrations of the stories. Does anyone remember the name of this show? Other 80's reading and/or drawing shows also welcome - but this one is bugging me the most.

Thanks, all!
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My Google-fu is weak in this case but if it helps, that show you're referring to had an episode based around Bridge to Terabithia.
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meh. That was 90s.
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Seeing you're in MD, you might not know this show. But we had Read All About It in Ontario. It was cool and a bit creepy.
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Could it have been Let's Draw? There was a gentleman like you describe who illustrated the stories, but I don't remember seeing him read.

Also, you might be interested in Read All About It, which I also remember watching at school at the same time.
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Ah, here we go, it was probably one of John Robbins' numerous shows. Here's one that was called The Book Bird.
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That has to be it, griphus! Thanks for sharing-- I think I mis-remembered Let's Draw. John Robbins is definitely who I was thinking of, and hopefully the OP too.
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In the UK we had Jackanory.
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In the Boston area we had Long Ago and Far Away, narrated by James Earl Jones.
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Standouts in my mind include Tales in a Treehouse, which has very memorable theme music, and Once Upon a Time, which has... hm... also very memorable theme music. Both of these may have been associated with Nebraska or South Dakota PBS.
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Oh yes, and the OP is definitely talking about John Robbins.
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Would you include Picture Pages in this?
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I have a memory of a reading show which was NOT Reading Rainbow (no Levar Burton) but which had talking shoes. What was that?
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Thanks, all! It was definitely John Robbins that I was remembering. I LOVED picture pages, too, but had completely forgotten it - and it's cool to see what was being done on a strictly local level. I'm in MD now, but grew up in Cincinnati, just FYI. No need to quit posting just because the main question's been answered!
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Ok then, Vegetable Soup, which featured Outerscope.
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Oh wow, this. My elementary school had tapes of this, which our librarian used to put on sometimes when he didn't feel like showing us how to use the card catalog for the fifth time that year. On the one hand, it's really cool to watch the dude draw, but on the other hand, nothing is less effective at entertaining a restless group of 7 year olds like slow-paced stories with softly playing music and a man sketching.
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