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NameThatSongFilter: Slow, song with a female vocalist for the chorus of "gangsta love" followed by a male ("never get enough no"). Possibly a ska band?

This has been stuck in my head since this afternoon. It's kind of a slow song without too many instruments (maybe a light dub or reggae), and I think it's by a ska band. I am trying to remember what was in the track name, and I think it might contain either "love", "enough", or "roots". It might be from 2001-2008.

This was the chorus:
[you knooohw it's] gangsta love (female voice, draws out "love")
…never get enough, no (male voice)
Not sure if the [you know it's] part is correct, but it was something making an "oh" sound. I believe it's "gangsta", but maybe I've misremembered. These lyrics don't make much sense, so they may be different words.

Later in the song, the male singer starts listing:
Alton Ellis, Bob Marley (maybe)
and the Mel-oh-dians
I'm positive about the Melodians part.

I think the band generally didn't have a female singer in it, and they might have been crappy save this one redeeming song. It's kind of a cross between Satori and Westbound Train, but unfortunately, I have no idea who that is.

I hope these scatterbrained details help identify it. Thanks!
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Best answer: Found it, thanks to remembering the band had three words in its name and to my play counts (I knew I had listened to it < 10 times). Dub City Rockers -- "Trojan City Love". I have no idea how I was so off on the lyrics.
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