How to create easy editable signs?
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How can I create large signs with fillable text fields that auto-scale?

I want to create PDF's (or other ubiquitous file format that can handle graphics) that can be printed as store signs. The layouts are created in Quark or InDesign, and I want the only editable parts to be the text fields. I want the final files to be easily opened and edited on any computer with typical programs installed, nothing fancy or expensive required. I've tried using Acrobat Pro and the only problem is that setting the font size to "Auto" doesn't expand nicely for the larger signs - the default font size is 12. If I have a field that covers 1/3 of a page, I want the text to cover 1/3 of a page.

I've checked out some of the other PDF editors listed on, but came up with nothing that solves my problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.
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Have you looked at inkscape?
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Response by poster: I've heard of it, but hadn't considered it for this application. I see from the FAQ that it can export a PDF, does it create fillable text fields as well? That's my main issue. I'll give it a try tomorrow.
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Best answer: You might have problems locking down editable areas in Inkscape/SVGs.

However because Inkscape uses SVG you could generate the SVGs dynamically... it's just markup, like HTML, so any programmer should be able to make a basic webapp with some text fields and then populate the SVG. You could then have the app call Inkscape on the command line to generate a PDF and serve that file up from the webapp.
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