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My wife wants to be able to put Spanish Accents in on our PC Laptop however we have not found a solution. Is there one for a PC Laptop Keyboard without using that Function method?
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Select the US-International keyboard layout, then you can enter é by typing 'e and ñ by typing ~n. It's a bit tricky to switch, since you have to double-type quotes and other characters to get them to show, but once you're used to it, it's fine.
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In Word, you can simply type CTRL-', CTRL-`, CTRL-~, CTRL-^ (CTRL-SHIFT-6), CTRL-:, or and then the letter you want to put it over. Oddly, this doesn't seem to even be in the help files anymore. Not sure how to do the little Finnish halo. I wish I could get these same combinations to work in Firefox because it's just SO convenient.
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I'll second the CTRL-XYZ advice above. I teach French and am constantly having to type in both languages...this is by far the easiest solution. I can still manage to do about 45 wpm because the keystrokes are all so intuitive.
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