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What psychological malady did Edith Ewing Bouvier Beale, of Grey Gardens fame, suffer?

I am not looking for a "well, she was just nuts" answer. Can tell me what she suffered from? She reminds me of my late mother in a very uncomfortable way. I am nothing like Little Edie. But my mother was a dead ringer for Big Edie, except for the mansion. What was the mental illness that took hold of this woman?
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I think you mean 'psychological malady'.
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Another psychologist suggests the behaviors documented in the films are consonant with "Diogenes Syndrome", among other issues.
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Response by poster: yes, malady, damn you auto correct.
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There is a psychology textbook on GoogleBooks that I can't link due to iPad that describes the elder Edie as having paranoid ideation and agoraphobia. It's called Mental Health and Social Problems by Heller and Gitterman.
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