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Does anyone know if there a way to add a file to add an MP3 to my iTunes library, on Windows, using the command line?

I'm trying to automate a process, whereby
1 - Each day, a WAV file ends up in a folder on my computer.
2 - I set a batch file to encode this, using LAME.
3 - This gets added to my iTunes library automatically, and then it gets automatically placed on my iPod next time I sync.

I've tried putting this in the file

START c:\progra~1\iTunes\iTunes.exe "W:\Radio\BBC Radio 1\Zane Lowe\Zane Lowe.mp3"

That will add the file to the library, but also starts playing it. I don't want that to happen, because I might not be at my PC, or I might be playing something else.

Thanks in advance.
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Automatic play-on-encoding is set on or off via iTunes' preferences window.

Preferences -> Importing -> "Play songs while importing"

Can iPods play LAME-encoded MP3s?
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It looks like this app may help.
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Thanks Rothko, but that only applies to file coming from a CD, not to files being added from the file system.

Yes, iPods can play any MP3 file.
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Yes, iPods can play any MP3 file.

Thanks, I was aware that iPods could play Fraunhofer MP3s but didn't know Apple had added LAME MP3 support. Very cool.
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Some people say that LAME VBR files will skip on an iPod, but I've never noticed it.

Looking into that app now, neckro23, thanks. Could well do the job. Don't know how I've never come across it before..
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If you know any programming, you could use iTunes' COM interface (it works with JScript, C#, PHP, C++).
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I've only used iTunes a couple times, but...

isn't the iTunes library an xml file? Can't you just write a script to append the new filename (in proper format) to some location within the library xml?
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why not make a local podcast and add it that way? You'll even be able to set the number of files you want on your ipod at a time and the expiration time for them to be removed automatically.
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I'd imagine some sort of echo to the library xml file added to your batch file should work... though off the top of my head I can't think how to do it and ensure everything is closed off properly. Personally, I'd probably use VBA, but that's because that's what I know.
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I'd say editing the XML file is the way to go but I'm not sure how often iTunes reads the XML file. I tried manually changing something once (I was bored) and I seem to recall it didn't show up until I had quit/restarted iTunes.
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I wrote this JScript which you can download here.

To run it, download it to your computer and then type

addToPlaylist.js <file> [playlist]

Where file is the path to the file you want to add and playlist is the optional playlist to which you want to add the file. If you don't specify the playlist, it should add the file to the main library.

Let me know if it doesn't work.
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This is sweet. I have a windows job that calls command line Streamripper to rip KEXP every Thursday night, but then I import it into iTunes by hand. I'll have to check out some of these suggestions.
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Thanks for all the brilliant suggestions. I'll check them out tonight and let you know how I get on.
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ascullion: Were you able to get that working?
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Haven't had time to look at it yet, am doing so right now.. thanks for asking, will come back and report.
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It works! Thank you so much!

Initially, it wouldn't work. I had just been giving the filename. I then put the entire path to the file in, like so

addToPlaylist.js "W:\Radio\BBC Radio 1\Zane Lowe\Zane.mp3"

And then it added the file.

Then I tried it while I was playing a song - it added the file, and didn't stop what I had playing.

Then i tried it when iTunes wasn't running - and it opened iTunes and added the file.

So all eventualities are covered.

Great stuff, thanks again. I hope I can answer something for you one day.
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