How do I get rid of weeds in a newly seeded lawn?
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I recently seeded a new lawn, about 50x150 feet, in buffalo grass seed. the entire thing is now sprouting in bindweed. is there anything I can do to get rid of bindweed without killing the seedlings? I have been hand pulling them, but it takes approximately 20 hours each weekend. I'm open to any suggestions. thanks!
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I doubt it. Most plant killers aren't selective. Or it'll take you just as long to apply the chemicals to only the bindweed (like, one by one).

I'd go to the GardenWeb forums and do a search -- looks like a lot of people are trying to deal with bindweed.

good luck!
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I've tried and failed to deal with bindweed out in our back garden. We've left them for now because they're flowering and don't look bad, but they're a testament to how hard it is to kill by pulling, digging and systemic weedkiller. It's only a small patch, but after "watering", waiting for the leaves to turn and then several hours turning we thought all the roots were out.
Dead wrong.

The most common method I've heard is to use a good amount of nitrogenous herbicide (which, as you probably know, degrades into something useful once it's done killing) and then cover the affected area with something which blocks out all the light.
The most extreme version of this I found was a lady who covered her entire garden with overturned carpet for 4 months, which worked, but would you really want 4 months of carpet?

I'm interested in anyone else's ideas.
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I would ask at the local garden store, or better yet your country extension office. I don't think it is wise to apply a broadleaf weedkiller to the lawn when it is this young and I think buffalo grass is sensitive to some of these. I am a little unsure so I would ask the pros. If this is true, your options are pluck or wait until the grass gets strong enough to crowd out the weeds, which might be next year.
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This has worked for me, I've also had success with a Scott's Brand Weed & Feed product.
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