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What are some fun, interactive things to paint on a boring back fence?

I am aiming for an awesome and interactive back yard for the kids (2, 5, 7) and want to make my boring back fence more interesting. I was planning on painting some of the white panels with colored blackboard paint, leaving some as just the chalkboard surface, but adding some activities to some others by painting with white paint. For instance painting a target for throwing things at (wet sponges, mud, balls), a noughts-and-crosses grid, some dots for the dot-game, maybe a heading for the mud pie kitchen menu of the day. What are some other ideas that would look cool and spur more fun?
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Best answer: Mad Libs with a family theme
A variety of silly hats, crowns, etc. to crouch under so it looks like you're wearing them
Pin the tail on the donkey
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Best answer: A map, with plenty of room for adding in trees, houses, parks, cars, pets, neighbors, etc. with chalk.
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Best answer: Paint a playhouse and line out a square on the ground in front with lumber or bricks. Or maybe instead of a playhouse, the cockpit of a spaceship with stars and planets and painted on consoles. When they land, they can moonwalk around the yard and meet aliens and collect rock and leaf samples to analyze.
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(My friends are dorks. I frequently have to rearrange the crude poetry they make out of my kid's letter magnets. That is why I assume that there will be offensive bits, not that your kids of crude.)
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Best answer: Eyes!!! All sorts of different eyes! In glow-in-the-dark paint of course.
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Best answer: First of all, a hyperrealistic trompe l'oeil to make it look like you live on a Caribbean beach or in an Amazon rainforest. Admittedly this will probably fascinate visiting children more than the resident ones after a while.

Then you can add targets etc onto that.
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Best answer: Even better would be the trompe l'oeil painting that made it look like the fence wasn't even there. similar grass, trees, make the whole middle fence sections disappear. Not really interactive, but maybe you could find ways to put something like that into the landscape... a shed, an animal or two that the kids could draw spots on, etc. (might be possible considering you can make chalkboard paint in many colors).
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Best answer: A zoo cage with a sign that says "Wild Beast" or "Amazing Animal" above it, and they can draw different fantastic creatures in the cage with the chalk.
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Best answer: Picture frames? (Or mount weather-proofed real ones?)

Blank faces
to fill in?

Word and thought bubbles?

The image of light at the end of a tunnel?

Theatre curtains?
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Best answer: Paint a really fancy door so the kids can imagine all the different places it can lead . . . as kids we were fascinated by a painted over window in a friend's house. We spent hours imagining why it was painted over and what it was hiding. (years later we found out that my friend's mom painted it over because the people next door weren't married and she didn't want her children to view the sinfulness & get ideas)
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Best answer: How about letting your kids paint a panel or 2? Buy a selection of paint sample pots and let them draw their own mural/

Traditional in Australia is a cricket stumps painted on a wall or garbage can so you can play backyard cricket. Also I went to a school that had a line painted at tennis net height on a wall so you could sort of play tennis with yourself.

You can also get magnetic paint, which can make any wall attractive to magnets which might be fun. I've never used it so I can't vouch for. But I've never met a kid that didn't like playing with magnets. Oh you could probably use a sheet of weatherproof metal of some sort for the same purpose, if you got a shiny piece you then have a nice backyard mirror for the kid to play with too, or it would at least add some interest to the fence.
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Best answer: Maybe a yardstick so that they can measure themselves, their friends, and various objects?

Portholes so that they can pretend they're underwater, inside a plane, or deep in outer space by customizing with chalk.
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Best answer: Also flower stems and skeletal trees that they can complete according to what's going on seasonally (or in their imaginations).
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Best answer: This! I wish I had a fence just so I could put up one of these chalkboards for my 5 yo daughter & her friends!
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Okay, I admit that I didn't look at your photo first before posting the above comment (just sort of assumed I knew what a fence looks like). Anyway, it's hard to tell how smooth the fence is from the photo (are those vertical things shadows or posts?). if it's smooth enough you could just skip hanging the plywood panel and use chalkboard paint directly on the fence. Maybe frame it with some cute wood molding?
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Nail on a marble run?
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You could paint part of the fence with magnetic paint and put up....
Magnetic marble run with moveable parts
Magnetic Gears
Water wall
Climbing wall
Musical wall
Mirror with face paint station
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Best answer: Paint a large target for water balloon throwing. Or you could use blackboard paint and have a place to do chalk art.
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Response by poster: It's going to be so awesome. Thank you all for the ideas! Roll on summer and I can get out there with a paint brush!
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