Long national anthem
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Was there an incident where a singer at a sporting event unexpectedly went on to sing the second, third, and/or fourth stanzas of the Star Spangled Banner, stretching it out to 5-10 minutes? I'm pretty sure I saw a clip of this on the Internet years ago, presumably something like what Borat did, but the Kazakhstan anthem fiasco is not the one I'm remembering.
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I remember this happening (on live TV, not on the Internet) -- I don't know if it's the same incident you're remembering, but in my case it was almost definitely a baseball game, and since my parents were watching it it must have been either a NY team or a post-season game.
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Was it Celine Dion? I have a very vague memory of this happening, too. I don't even know the rest of the Star Spangled Banner. But I do know the melody is from a traditional British drinking song!
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I'm not finding this as a notable news event. I am finding search results pointing to plenty of ... conservative blogs and the like, to the extent that this is actually a thing that gets done occasionally, deliberately, and with audience foreknowledge, to be different or more patriotic or reverent.
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