I would like to get started on knowing what the heck is going on in the ps3 jailbreaking world. So that I may possibly get started on one myself.
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PS3 jailbreaking seems to be quite an ambiguous cloud of crap can anyone possibly clarify it a bit do you have any suggestions as to some solid and reliable sources of information software required and tutorials?

I ask this question carefully because I'm sure that asking how to actually manage to jailbreak the ps3 itself on this forum runs along some risky razorblade edges it seems the whole initiative of jailbreaking/modding your own hardware that you spent your own hard earned money on is frowned upon.

Rant and disclaimer aside I would like to at least know which direction to set my compass for looking for this stuff I feel like the harder i google this stuff the more I run into those spammy websites that lead to "Fill in this simple (Not so)Free surveys and obtain your download link!" To be honnest I am fine with supporting the developers of these mods but I don't agree with the constant cloud of spam surrounding the whole thing.

Things like some reliable information as to what is the latest known firmware that's been jailbroken can you jailbreak the ps3 slim's is it really worth the hassle? How is the operating system support now that we dont have the emulator inbetween the userspace and the hardware. these are all extra little things you could answer also but please focus in on mainly good reliable sources for the software and information.
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It would help if you defined what your goal is in jailbreaking the device.

Are you into homebrew? Or, into general purpose computing? Or, what?

Then, head to *those* community forums and ask how to get set up to accomplish whatever your goal is.

On the other hand, if "jailbroken" means "plays pirated games"... then, yeah, you're going to have more trouble finding help.
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It's been about 18 months or so (and one failed disc drive later...) but I'm pretty sure the site I used was PSX Scene. Google that. No links to such things here.
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Cancel that. Sending you a memail.
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Response by poster: Well I dont want to pirate games but I do hate keeping tabs on disks so backups would be good I don't even install an optical drive in my computer builds any more just hot-swappable hard drive cartridge style slots.

But to be honnest I do mainly want to turn the ps3's i've got here into a cluster server for video rendering. I think that would be the best because as I repair ps3's clients leave some in my possession at times because of whatever reasons and I really would like to not let the cpu power go to waste.

If anyone has any decent and solid communities to look into thats always a good thing.

I know for the android OS on my Samsung nexus S Xda-developers.com has been an absolute asset. That forum is filled with an awesome and very active development community.
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As tommelee said above, your best bet is starting at the psx scene forums. They have the most up to date info on the surface level scene. I have a jailbroken ps3 here, and it is mostly just a novelty. After the security holes were closed (post 2.4 I think) and the new keys were in place the homebrew scene ground to a halt.

If you like rooting hardware for the hell of it then you might enjoy this project. The real benefits are marginal - not many people work on home brew, the last game to run on 2.4 was LA Noire, and ps3 will constantly nag you to update your firmware and refuse to do all sorts of things. Of course if you enjoy messing around with console programming you might have some fun.
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Response by poster: So even with a jailbreak theres no chance at installing an OS?
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If you don't want to use the systems as gaming systems, it is still possible to install yellow dog linux on the box. From there you can do whatever you want.
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Response by poster: "If you don't want to use the systems as gaming systems, it is still possible to install yellow dog linux on the box. From there you can do whatever you want"

Any tutorials on how? I do want to install a linux distro into the box I was thinking more like a ubuntu distro or even OpenIndiana maybe might be a better fit.
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The only linux distros that will install are ones for the PowerPC architecture, since the PS3 isn't an intel based product. I install YDL and found it to be nearly completely useless. I used it for the VLC streaming because the PS3 supported the DLNA media stuff pre-2.4. After it supported streaming, YDL was useless and I formatted it to be just the PS3 gaming machine again.
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Response by poster: Damn its a absolute shame with the raw power of the machine itself you could render videos like a baws.
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Step by Step PS3 beowulf cluster for pre-3.2.1 firmware. (Downgrading is possible, I believe.)

I believe that I had heard that someone was using ps3's for ... what was that called...not twisting...but....decoding virus dna/listening for SETI signals, etc. What is that called? Arhhhgh. I think the story I read, and it's been years, was that they were using the GPU over the CPU because it was uniquely geared to work better that way. Something like this but it wasn't this.

Ok, it's FOLDING. At least I'm not 100% lost. Yet.
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Response by poster: Folding@home used to be supported natively on the ps3 until they nerfed the ability to use your system like a true geek would. Also thanks and I think there may be a guy in my town that can do the downgrading maybe I'll ask him about it tomorrow.
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