Is there such thing as a procrastination coach?
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Can I hire a "life tutor" to help me kick procrastination and organize my projects?

I've recently graduated and have a lot on my plate. A job, freelancing work, and a pretty big volunteer project. All of these are worked online from home. Unfortunately, I have carried my awful procrastination habit over from college (I was hoping it would magically disappear after I graduated...) This has negatively affected all of my projects, and I really can't go on like this. I've been trying pretty hard to do better and get more done every day. Although I've had sooome success, I also am not making any huge breakthrough. I've realized that part of my problem is that when I hit a wall and am not sure what to do on a project, that is when I procrastinate. So if I'm on a roll, moving along, I can get a lot done, but if I run into needing to do something I don't know how to do - I freeze. Or, more accurately I find an interesting Tubmlr or check Facebook.

I think it would be really helpful to have someone to help me work through things. I had a tutor once during a crazy class in college that I had gotten super behind on. She was great, because not only did she help me learn the material, but she helped me organize my time and make a step by step plan to tackle the whole project. I really wish that there was someone like this that could help with life in general. I feel like there must be, somewhere. It would be really cool if I could find someone that did 15-30 minute sessions occasionally to make plans and check in on progress, but also might be online on chat and available during the day - so when I felt like procrastinating I could chat them and say - "hey I'm stuck because I'm not sure how I should reply to this client (or fill in the blank with a task)," and the tutor/coach could just help me work through it until I made a decision, instead of being indecisive and totally quitting what I was working on.

Does someone like this exist? What are they called? Where can I find them? I'm looking for someone that would do all the coaching online. I don't currently have a car.
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Two words: "life coach".
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Yes. They often call themselves life coaches.
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The Unfuck Your Habit page might be a helpful resource for you. There are some helpful tools on the iLifeCoach website. This website also lists a variety of online coaches profiles.
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I know folks who use a counselor who specializes in coaching for folks with ADHD. They're out there. The coach I know of is in the Boston area, but I suspect similar folks can be found out there in other places.
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This is a thing, but its also kind of an abused thing--even within "official" circles (imo). I've tried seeking that kind of help. It's really, really easy for people to hang out this shingle. Be careful, check many references before you hand over money, etc. Consider that a non-psychiatrist behavioral therapist could be a better choice (and is more likely to be covered by insurance).
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Contrarily, I've heard life coaches described as failed psych therapists. YMMV, but, y'know...there could be a reason why you procrastinate that might be worth finding.
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I think ideally coaches and therapists fit different roles - therapy can help you figure out why and deal with the root causes, but coaching can help give you better tactics to deal with your life as it is. Sort of the difference between long term medical work vs first aid.
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