Early retirement account withdrawal
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Need to pay off upcoming credit card bill. Can I use any of my retirement accounts to pay them off without incurring any fees?

I'm living abroad and I have a credit card bill that I need to pay off soon. I have both a Roth IRA account (I have yet to buy any funds) and a 401K account (not much in there), for which I am fully vested.

I'm in my late 20's and was wondering if I could withdraw from either of the accounts to pay off my bill without getting hit with any fees.

Am I out of luck?
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The point of a Roth IRA is that contributions (although not necessarily earnings) can be withdrawn without penalty.
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Check your 401k plan - some allow for low rate loans. Most outright withdrawls will come with a penalty.

Try to take the shortest duration loan feasible and get the money back into the accounts quickly. You are young - take full advantage of the time you have before retirement. With that kind of time horizon every dollar you pull out now will translate into several dollars of retirement income...
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You can withdraw your Roth contributions without a penalty
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I've thought of doing this too, but you should check into tax penalties as well.
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With the 401K, you will pay a 10% penalty plus taxes on anything you withdraw. You also pay a much bigger penalty in that you will miss out on 40+ years of compounding interest on every dollar you take out today. If you are pulling say $5K out that could potentially be $160,000 in 45 years (assuming an 8% annual rate of return). You can often borrow 50% of the value of your 401K. If that is possible and sufficient, it might be the better option.
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