Gift ideas for hobby farmers & child
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I need some gift ideas, please. Giftee #1 is a very active three-year-old boy who lives out in the country and loves mud puddles. Giftees #2 & #3 are his parents, who are very into their hobby farm complete with chickens, ducks, sheep, horses, mules, etc. Price range for the parents is $100-$300; for the kid, I'm just looking for fun things that a little boy might like to do in the summertime--I'm willing to spend up to $100 but it doesn't necessarily need to be expensive, just fun. Also please note that it doesn't get very hot where we live. Thanks!
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For the 3 year old:
-Stomp Rocket Junior.
-some kind of fun sprinkler toy that can be hooked up to a hose and he can run through it.
-some kind of ride-on like a Big Wheels.
-a low basketball hoop or other target-base game like beanbag toss/cornhole.
-a tee and whiffle balls+bat.
-big thing of sidewalk chalk, if they have sidewalks or a paved driveway.
-fat paintbrushes and a kid-size bucket, watering can, other toys for playing with water + "painting" with water on sidewalk
-set of character hats (frog, spaceman, construction worker, fireman, etc) for make-believe; cheap foam ones are often available at craft stores
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Building off of LobsterMitten's thought of a sprinkler toy, I thought: slip 'n slide. So I went off to find a link, and found this. Bigger image... Look at this thing!
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OMG - I rushed in to recommend the stomp rocket, which is my favorite gift for that age group and fun for others too. And I'm beaten to the punch. I actually stockpile it since I have to pay shipping anyway.

The 3yo set at daycare always has a matchbox style cars clutched in their little hands. CarsTM vehicles are especially prized.

With that age small, cheap, and simple is way better that than fancy or electronic.

I have nothing for the parents, though.
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For the 3 year old: buy a huge bucket of little play animals. I loved them growing up, and my kids love them (their aunt bought a variety of 100 off ebay). Good for indoor, rainy or snowy day play, but AWESOME for outside. I remember pretending certain animals lived in an African savanna, others in a "jungle" (under the lilac bush, next to the daylilies), others is a desert (the sandbox). They sell them individually at places like Toys R Us (my kids ask for particular animals now). But a starter kit might be appropriate.

For his folks, buy perennials, a fruit tree (or shade tree), or a gift certificate to a local nursery. All $ probably goes into the farm, and ornamental and landscaping items are probably at the bottom of the list of things to buy.
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Three year old ... in the country ..... has to be METAL Tonka or John Deere trucks. Dumps and Front Loaders are the best
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For the child: Seconding Tonka Trucks. Hands down. They last forever, and are just way too much fun. They're the best for playing the the mud and dirt, I loved them as a kid, they were hand-me-downs, but there was nothing we could do to destroy them. On checking out their website, make sure you get the "Tonka Tough" ones, made out of metal. They're the only ones I can vouch for.

Depending on how smooth their yard is, it sucks to hit a rock under a slip n' slide. Just a thought.

For the parents: Could you find seed-of-the-month club, or a seed gift certificate for a mail order seed company?
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I don't know what age this starts at, but I love tire swings from trees - seems soo cute country/farmy.
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My boys loved bubbles, balloons, and balls at that age. Along with anything that rolls. Building blocks are also a hit and they still play with them.
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Sounds like a lot of land to explore! Maybe you could outfit him with some gear so he can learn about the little jungle right under his feet.

Something like a Safari Cargo vest to keep some of his equipment. Great for holding small snacks, birds' eggs, feathers, flowers, frogs, and whatever else he finds.
A Microscope to study what he brings back.
Some beginning slides.
A small insect catching kit along with a better net.

Finally, don't forget to pick him up a shoe-sized box of some kind so he can keep his treasures safe.
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Around here, the three year olds love LED bubble guns (add batteries and extra bubble juice).
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I like stuff from Hearthsong for active kids. I think that a zip line would be particularly awesome!
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For his folks, buy perennials, a fruit tree (or shade tree), or a gift certificate to a local nursery. All $ probably goes into the farm, and ornamental and landscaping items are probably at the bottom of the list of things to buy.

I love this idea for the folks. Do they do anything like a roadside stand or a farmer's market? Do they those super comfy folding camp chairs with a little drink holder and a nice cushy seat and a carry bag? A couple of those might be nice if they don't already have them.

For the little boy, I think BUBBLES should definitely be involved in some way.
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A power wheels car. Those are the ride in cars that the kids can actually drive. They run on a rechargable battery.

For the parents: do they have a front porch swing? Pendleton wool blanket. Nice quality bed sheets. Farm work is tiring.
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For the kid: my own three-year-old's most prized possession is his Strider balance bike. So. Awesome.
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Thanks everyone! The Stomp Rocket is on order, and I'm still dithering over what else to get. Great suggestions! Thanks again!
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