Symbolic Representative Inspired Mission What Nows?
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I'm heading up a program at the local humane society that's very similar to something like this. Or this. Or even this. This program type has been known as "symbolic gifts", "mission-inspired gifts" and even "fundraising catalog". These names are stupid. Help me think of something better!

All the gifts are shelter related, like "Feed a Cat", "Vaccinate a Puppy" or even "Fund an Investigation". They cover all the facets of our shelter, including education for kids, adoptions, the vet hospital and teaching program, etc. I really want something that conveys the idea that you could go to the website and "shop" for your siblings, family, friends, neighbors... whatever.

The recipient gets a nice card with the gift info, and the gifts are all representative; that is we spell out rather clearly that each gift is a donation, and that we will put it to where it's most needed. (Your "New Toys!" gift might not go directly to new toys, for example. All the gifts, of course, DO go to the animals).

Colleagues have suggested names like "Wish Gifts" "Happy Gifts", but those are a little too cutesy. If I could use the phrase "Gifts with Impact" in something pithier, I would. (Impact Gifts sounds IBS related...)

Any suggestions, hivemind?
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I like WWF's use of "Guardian Gifts" - people who buy the gifts become co-guardians of the animals-as-wards. And it sounds cool. Could you pinch it?

If not, I looked at synonyms for guardian and for champion. Nothing's really clicking though. (advocate, protector, defender... something strong that alliterates with gifts...)

Fallback: Care Gifts. Too obvious? Nice association with caregiver/caregiving there.
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One shelter I've donated to had "tribute gifts/cards" but I think that maybe does sound particular to remembering a pet or person that has passed. How about honor gifts? Or a phrase might work, like shop to save lives" or "gifts that keep giving"?
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Is "humane gifts" too obvious? Maybe "gifts for animal lovers," "gifts for good/that do good," "gifts/giving with a conscience/with compassion," or something to do with making an impact or [good] karma.
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