What is this cord called?
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During a move I lost the power cord to my zojirushi rice cooker. It looks like this. What is it called? I'm looking to get a replacement.

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It's hard to tell from the photo. Is it a normal three prong plug in similar to one that gets plugged into the back of a desktop computer?

If so amazon has them.
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I don't know what model you have, but you can buy replacement parts on the Zojirushi website here.
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Best answer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEC_60320_C14#C14

This should be the kind of power cord you need.
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IEC cord in the US, Kettle lead in the UK.
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Destrius' link shows a bunch of coupler options, so you should be able to find the specific number based on the images there.
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If it's the same IEC as a computer power cable, you can likely get 10 for a dollar at any second-hand store.
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Also, anyone who has ever thrown out a computer may have a spare one.
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Is that a picture of the actual missing cord or a similar one? I ask because, as noted above, the cord in the picture looks like the standard IEC power cord used for devices like computers. But! My roommate had a Zojirushi water boiler and while the cord for the boiler looked quite similar to the IEC style, it was actually a different and incompatible plug. In the case of roommate's boiler the plug magnetically attached to the boiler (just like Apple's current laptop cords). If you could post a decent picture of the socket on the cooker it would help to ID the type of cord needed.
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Can we have a closeup of the ends of the lead?
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Response by poster: That's the sample picture I pulled from the zojirushi site that insects aureus mentioned. It uses a c14 IEC cord like desktop computers as rhizome mentioned.

@destrius Thank you for answering my question!

@rhizome So zojirushi wasn't ripping me off by charging $12 then.

@XMLicious they totally would.

@6550 Zojirushi seems to have different cords depending on the product because the power cord I snagged from my printer (a C14) works with the rice cooker. Lucky me that they don't have a wonky proprietary cord!
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That cable is one of the most common power cables in existence. It's so ubiquitous that there are several names for it. You can find very cheap ones at various lengths at Monoprice.
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In my industry the IEC cables are referred to as "OSHA cables" and they are ubiquitous, meaning cheap. I think you misread rhizome's "10 for a dollar" as "10 dollars"...Zojirushi would seem to be ripping you off if they charged $12 for one.
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