How to make the AIGA membership fun and exciting?
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How do you get the most out of your AIGA membership?

I joined AIGA recently because I appreciate what they are and what they try to do. However, I'm a 2 hour drive away from my nearest chapter (and all the associated events) and I'm wondering how else I should take advantage of my membership.

I get emails about discounts but many of them are already offered to me via other channels.

I called about getting better insurance rates but they didn't apply to my (rural) area.

There is the Behance portfolio option, but I'm wondering how effective it's been for people who have used it. I already have a web presence that I put a lot of work into.

If I was to go to an AIGA event once a year or so, which should I go to, and why?

I noticed that GAG does some legal advocacy/advice-giving stuff. Does AIGA do that, too?

I'm also wondering what the practical difference is between GAG and AIGA memberships, and if there is one that people prefer over the other, or if you're a member of both, or what.

I'm a freelance web designer.

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Best answer: Being a web designer myself, I've found zero use for AIGA (I'm a former member in a major city).

I work with and know tons of people involved with AIGA. It's good if you're at the high-level of marketing, but for web designer types, your best bet is going to be hitting up smaller networking events.
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