I need to find a GoPro Wifi BacPac in the Boston Area.
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Where can I buy the GoPro WiFi BacPac in Boston, MA (or very near Boston) in the next 24 hours?

I tried BestBuy (the only GoPro retailer I'm familiar with) and the online interface shows nothing in stores.
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Best answer: Best Buy in Watertown claims to have them in stock but I'd call to be sure.
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Best answer: Yeah, I'm looking at the BB locator and I'm seeing it in Dorchester and Watertown, among other locations. You should be able to get to both places via MBTA bus and/or T.
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Response by poster: My browser might be silly, but I can't get your links to work. Here's what I see when I search the Watertown store (I'll call)...
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Best answer: I'm looking at a slightly different product that I found when I googled for "GoPro WiFi BacPac".

Try searching on SKU: 4672856. GoPro - Wi-Fi BacPac and Wi-Fi Remote. It shows as backordered on the website but when you go to "check availability" it's showing at some local stores.
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Response by poster: Ah perfect, that was it! Thank you!
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