Where does one buy specialty magazines without bookstores around?
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Where can I find a copy of the new sci-fi New Yorker in the Financial District of San Francisco?

I'd like to snag a copy of the recent sci-fi New Yorker to share with my boyfriend and I'm not sure where to get one. I would ordinarily just go to a book store, but Stacey's is closed, as is the book store in the Embarcadero Center. Would City Lights have it? Or the bookstore in the Ferry Building? Walgreens? I'd like to get it today after work.

Thanks for recommendations!
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Walgreens or the store at the Ferry Building should have it.
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Best answer: Try Fog City News, on Market between Fremont & 1st street. Started as news only, but it's now half magazines, half single origin & international chocolates.
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Alexander Book Co. is on 2nd between Market and Mission. Otherwise, Fog City News would have it.
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According to their yelp page, Alexander closes at 6. Depending on when you leave work this may or may not be a problem.
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Yeah Fog City will totally have it, but Book Passage in the Ferry Building will probably have it.
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Thirding Fog City News, where you can pick up some seriously delicious chocolate as a bonus.
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The newsstand on Sansome (at Sutter) right near the exit of Montgomery BART?
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Response by poster: Thanks, team. Got a magazine for him and couldn't resist some chocolate for myself!
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And you didn't even come by my office to share said chocolate? Shame! ;-)
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