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My small business is considering starting a partnership / joint venture with a smaller scale operation based in Asia (we are in the US). They have good connections, we have a good organization to do the work. Can anyone recommend a website or book that offers good advice to those considering partnerships / joint ventures?
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Have you picked a company you're interested in working with? If so, where are they located? If not, what countries are you talking about? It matters.
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Yes, there is someone we are interested in working with - they are currently based in Hong Kong, but they are US citizens. Mostly, I am hoping to get generalized partnership / joint venture advice; for the purposes of my question, if the country matters, assume it is just two US firms.
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I would recommend taking a look at the websites for the local universities and colleges. Find an econ professor that specializes in Chinease business and tell them that you're willing to pay them $100 if they'll come over and spend two hours chatting with them. Likewise, a Chinease language professor who seems to know something about business, or a Chinease political science professor might be worth talking too. If you cannot find someone via the web, call the departments and ask the receoptionist if they can recommend someone. Good luck.
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