Why does Tumblr hate Missing e?
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Why does Tumblr hate Missing e?

I assume Missing e and other browser extensions like it increase traffic, so what's the problem? I understand that Tumblr wants everyone to have the same user experience, but why? I'd think if anything, they'd want to hire the developer.
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I always assumed it's because missing e is insanely fucking awesome and tumblr is super vindictively bitter that they didn't think of it themselves. That WARNING BROWSER HACK pop-up they have for it gives a list of alleged world-destroying issues that kind of sound like a load of crap to me.
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It's in the name.
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Almost any large-scale website is going to object to users installing software that gives a third party the ability to monitor, record, transform and reformat the site's content.

Even assuming Missing E is entirely benevolent (I believe it is), this represents a significant security issue if the extension has any security holes, and because it sets a precedent that a third party which has no accountability to Tumblr can decide what your experience looks like.

I like the extension, and agree many of those features would be useful to have built in, but this isn't some incomprehensible evil plan; it's a simple case of many users not understanding exactly how much power they're giving a third party and how that could go wrong, combined with Tumblr being aware that such an extension getting a sizable foothold among users could also threaten future features or plans like advertising.
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Going by the feature list, the bookmarker and the magnifier would have an impact on db (by retrieving old dashboard logs that might waste RAM) and storage utilisation respectively.
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