Batch save pictures to computer from my Pinterest board
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I'm looking for some kind of script, app, tool, or hack to speed up the process of saving pictures from Pinterest to my computer as a batch.

For example, I'll collect pins for a specific project or client for a few weeks, and at some point I'll want to create either a digital or print presentation from these pinned pictures. I'll then want to have the pictures directly saved to my computer.
The current process is: click on each pin to get to full size picture, then right click to save. Rinse and repeat for all the pins of a given board.
That of course is very tedious if i have 100+ pins to do this for...

Any ideas for a shortcut? Bonus point if on top of savings the pins to a given folder, it can also create a printable "moodboard" from those pins...

Thanks for your suggestions!
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If you use Firefox, try Down Them All
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Best answer: I'd create an ifttt ( task for this - I don't use pinterest but it looks like every board (?) has an RSS feed - use that feed as the "this" in the task, and use your Dropbox account as the "that". Obviously you'd have to set this up *before* saving things to that particular board so this would only help you in the future, not with your current boards. Actually people have already done recipes for this, e.g., this one.
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Response by poster: ha, great tip on the ifttt! didn't think of that but i'm definitely setting it up for future boards!
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