I'm looking for sound.
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Tell me about sound effects for games. I'm designing the specifications for a mobile app, which will be a game. I need sound effects, preferably royalty-free, to accompany the game.

Ideally I would like to be able to present my programmer with a couple of sound files to be used, rather than rely on him to find or create them.

What resources are there out there for royalty-free sound effects files?

Note: I am happy to pay for content here; I am not necessarily looking for something that is free.

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Response by poster: I'd also be interested in learning about any software (mac or Windows) that can be used to create sound effects.
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Best answer: freesound.org has a good selection of Creative Commons and public domain sound effect files. Audacity is a good audio editor with both a Windows and OS X version.
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Best answer: Bfxr is popular if you want to synthesize your own effects. Mostly old soundchip aesthetic. There's newer versions of the same generator program idea, too.
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Response by poster: These are great resources, thanks.
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