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I'm going to be working in a corn field in Noblesville, IN, for three days. Do you have recommendations for either the field work or restaurants in Noblesville?

I usually work indoors, so the field work is completely new to me. I know the corn plants will be about knee high, and I know to where long pants and sleeves to prevent myself from getting cut. Do you have any other advice for how to survive this without getting heat stroke? Any idea what the bugs will be like?

Also, since my coworkers and I will be in Noblesville, do you have advice for where to get dinner? Looks like there's a brewery we might try? Any other must-sees in this suburb of Indianapolis? Any other quirks of Indiana I should know? (I do know that we can't buy liquor on Sundays, but hailing from Massachusetts, that's oddly familiar.)
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^ in first paragraph, where = wear. I know grammar, honest.
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Do you have cotton pants, like army fatigues? When I detassled corn in my teens, I really disliked wearing jeans -- they got too wet and heavy, and gave me heat rashes.
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You need a hat, straw or cotton.
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I grew up in Noblesville! And to be honest, I left in 1992 and haven't looked back. I do have friends still in the area, though, so I'll ask them about restaurants.

Are you de-tasseling? I did that in my teens (as did all of us who lived there) and it's hard, hot work. Always have water with you and wear a large-brimmed hat. Use bug spray (they'll be relentless) and lots of sunscreen.

If you have time, do go to Conner Prairie (in Fishers, a town next to Noblesville). It's a living museum and it's wonderful.

Here's a calendar of events of stuff going on in Noblesville. The little downtown area has some nice shops. There's Morse Reservoir for aquatic pursuits. If you're interested in going farther afield, I can give you tips about Indianapolis.
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Oops, Morse Reservoir/Lake.
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Welcome to Corn-Land...where I promise you will find more than corn!

I don't live in Noblesville, but in Bloomington and I can tell you this much-- unless you venture to Indianapolis, it's going to be pretty bland. Chain resturants and stores are all I've seen in Nobelsville, but it's a short hop, skip and a jump the North side of Indy. There's a large music venue that's sure to keep you entertained in Noblesville (used to be called Verizon but they've changed names again)-- I think they're having big name concerts almost every weekend this summer (Phish, Nickleback, Incubus/Linkin Park, etc).

If you have a car and love amusement parks, definitely check out Indiana Beach in Monticello for the weekend.

I would suggest you make the trek down to at least the heart of Indianapolis. There are plenty of cool museums (Indiana State, Indianapolis Art Museum, Children's Museum, etc), restaurants of the non-chain variety (my favorite Indy pizza joint is definitely Jockamo's in Irvington), and shows to be seen (Check out the list for Murat and Vogue's music centers).

Also this, this and this.

Enjoy-- and feel free to meMail me if you have more specific questions!
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Okay, restaurant recommendations from friends who still live in the Noblesville/Fishers/Carmel area: Matteos Italian (on the square, downtown Noblesville), Eddie's Cafe (downtown Noblesville), and the Uptown Cafe (again, downtown). Like I said, I've not been back in years and years. The Uptown was the greasy spoon/diner place; I loved it when I was a teenager and if it hasn't changed, it's fun.

camylanded is talking about Klipsch Music Center.
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This is going to sound super-obvious, but... Remember your sunblock! Corn fields generally have zero shade.
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I've not worked with corn but have done field work harvesting wine grapes. As mentioned before Bug spray, a hat, sunblock and good light cotton clothing to cover you, avoid man made fibres unless they are the sort that wick sweat away.

Bring something to carry a lot of water in and to keep it cool. A container like this too keep your drink in is great throw in lots of ice and it stays cool all day. If you are not used to physical labour, ice packs, ibuprofen etc for after might be handy to have around.
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