Who can I trust to build me a decent new PC?
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Which UK companies have good reputations for doing custom builds of PCs? Are there any that have given you particularly good/bad service?

My current PC is starting to feel a bit long in the tooth, so I'm looking into replacing it. I built this one myself (or more accurately, I ordered all the parts and a friend helped me build it), but the number of annoying little problems I've had with it have made me think that it may be a better idea to get someone else to build the next one for me.

So, which companies in the UK would you recommend for doing this? Any good or bad experiences? If it matters, I'm looking to get a Win7 desktop PC that can handle reasonably recent games, but doesn't need to be an incredible powerhouse - the current one cost me around £550 all in, and I'd be looking at that kind of range again. I already have a monitor and peripherals, so it's just the tower that I'd be buying.
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No experience with this particular company, but it seems to be well regarded. Also, as a computer person, just looking at the site, my intuition is that this is a place that is doing it right, when it comes to building custom systems. Sorry to chime in without direct experience with the company in question, but I don't see any other answers yet, and hopefully someone will soon chime in to tell me why I am wrong.

Option 1:
This system (i5-2500, 8GB RAM, 750W PSU) plus this video card (Asus Nvidia GTX 560 TI) comes together in your price range without OS. (375 + 180 = £555 ) This system is basically a pretty good general purpose sweet spot for the processor, with a decently midrange GPU.

Option 2:
This system (i3-3130, 4GB RAM, 500W PSU) plus this video card (Asus Nvidia GTX 670). (195 + 339 = £534). The power supply is a little puny though- the card apparently draws 195W, and the PSU is 500W, which should be fine, and the rest of the system should come in well south of 100W, but there are also issues of how much power comes out at each voltage, and so on that could affect things. For this system, the CPU is pretty cheap, but the video card is a BEAST.

The traditional gaming advice would be to go for option 2, in that for gaming the video card is more important than the processor. Shame that they do not offer any options between the i3 and i5 base systems (at 195 and 375 respectively). Also, on both systems, you can save 20-40 by going with a Palit video card (I have never heard of them, I specced the systems with Asus cards which are a reputable brand.)

BTW, you can add a DVD drive for about 10- on any system. The OS will cost more. Best of luck!

(also, extra super bonus option 3- buy superfast GTX 670 video card, put into your current computer, and hold out for another year or two on the upgrade of the rest of the system.)
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CCL were had good prices and good service in 2009. I'm a bit away from PC building now though.
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Only ever had good service from Overclockers UK - good range of builds available, custom builds too.
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