Where can we go (cheaply) from London for a last minute trip this long weekend?
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Where can we go cheaply from London this (Jubilee) weekend?

Hi! The partner and I have decided at the last minute that we'd love to go someplace -- anyplace, really -- to get away from the Jubilee celebrations and get a nice four day weekend (ie leave Friday, come back Tuesday).

Problem: I'm having trouble finding anything reasonably priced at all at this late date. I've tried skyscanner and lastminute.com but everything still seems too pricey. (Surely it's one of the busiest weekends to travel, so that makes sense -- we may just be screwed)

Anyone have suggestions of places to look? Or concrete ideas for flights or packages that won't cost the earth? We are not picky and are quite adventurous.

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You might try looking at non-London airports. We live in the West and although we sometimes fly out of Heathrow or Gatwick, we couldnt find anything convenient or cheap when we booked a couple weeks ago.

Try Bristol or Birmingham, for example. We got a reasonable flight from Bristol to Lisbon on Easyjet. The Birmingham site has a nice destination scanner. Even with the train travel factored in it still may be cheaper.
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There are good deals on Ferry crossings and even if you don't have a car it's really cheap to get a train to Dover and just hop on the first ferry. You can rent a car wherever you end up. Drive around the beaches of Normandy.
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Vacapinta, Bristol, Birmingham & Southampton (my personal favourite airport) are all out of cheap foreign flights according to Skyscanner. When I booked my flights to Dublin 6 weeks ago, they were normal price.

Sailrail has rail prices to Ireland if you fancy a longish train ride with a couple off days away.
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Ferry to Belgium. Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels. Ferry home.
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I guess it is implicit that 'away' means off the island. But there are beautiful, remote places in Wales and Scotland that will get you out of the London craziness.

We found peace and solitude earlier this year at a great B&B in Snowdonia.
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I was going to suggest Eurostar to Brussels or Paris then say a local train somewhere but I think you are too late for that. I just checked and the prices are really high.

Driving could be the best bet. the Chunnel might still be cheap if you have car.
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I was talking to someone last night who'd been totally unable to find camping in Devon this weekend, so I think domestic tourism's going to be tricky and pricey. So I think going with ferry or tunnel is definitely your best bet.
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I'd go to Antwerp or Lille or somewhere on the Normandy coast. If you can find a car, you can basically get across the channel for about £50 return. If that isn't a possibility, then cross the channel as a foot passenger and get the train from Calais to Lille.
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I can't promise that hotels will be cheap, but Mini Maker Faire Derby is on this weekend, and that might be a nice non-Jubilee event that'd be fairly affordable...
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Probably a bit late but for future reference - Travel Zoo
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