Sergei Lukyanenko, the author of Nightwatch or Nochnoj dozor
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I've been trying to find the official website of Sergei Lukyanenko, the author of Nightwatch or Nochnoj dozor, an epic trilogy about a battle between the forces of good and evil. The interesting thing here is that a. this is being compared to LOTR or the Matrix, b. its Russian, c. it was a huge hit in Russia. The film's reviews seem intriguing... However I'm trying to find the book which is apparently available for download on his official website.

Articles reference a website/blogsite, but I can't find it. However, apparently thousands of fans of his can. The only reference I've been able to find is a post from someone else who can't find the official website. Any ideas on how I can find this guy?
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Is this it? I don't know Russian, so I'm not sure... Oh wait... there's an English link. Don't see the book in question, but IMDb says this is his official site...
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Response by poster: Thank you!

Can't believe I didn't see it on IMDB
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Did you misidentify this? My only hit for "Nightwatch" on imdb of any note is the Ewan McGregor movie and its foreign original. The website at seems to be Night PATROL, not Nightwatch.
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It's an excellent film, by the way. Artful, visually quite astounding, subtly disorienting in a David Lynch, Jean-Pierre Jeunet kind of way; loved the way nothing is ever actually explained, and you have to piece together the clues to understand what's going on. The LOTR comparison is inappropriate; instead, imagine a Blade movie done by Jeunet, mix in Requiem for a Dream-like visual flourishes and a little Greenaway surrealism, add a pinch of amphetamine, and you have a wonderful, occasionally hyperkinetic piece of magical realism. I'd compare it to The Matrix, except I thought Night Watch was rather more stylish and substantial; it's one of those rare films which has both style and soul.

The trailer is quite good.

I would love to read the books, but an English translation has not been published yet, as far as I know.
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You can buy a legal and subtitled version of this film on DVD from I thought it was excellent.
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