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Are Commercial LDAP Virtual Directory Applications Worth The Money?

I'm looking at FOSS options to implement a virtual directory for a specific application going live soon (getting user and group data from several source databases and LDAPs and relaying authentication requests to other LDAPs). There are several tools out there designed for this or can be configured to work like this (e.g. Penrose, MyVirtualDirectory, OpenDS in first case and OpenLDAP, ApacheDS, ldapjs in the second case).

The FOSS projects/applications that specifically are designed to do this are mostly defunct. The other ones seem to have the capability, but feel like I'd be using them in a kind of "off-label" way. So I'm considering using one of the commercial products in this area (OptimalIdM, RadiantOne, Quest, UnboundID, Oracle Virtual Directory or Oracle Unified Directory).

Does anyone have recent experience in this space that can make some recommendations?

Aside: I'm sure some readers have noticed there's some hidden project management issues here, recommendations along those lines are welcome. Given set of circumstances I'm in, however, I'm much more interested in responses regarding the viability of virtual directories and experience with them. :)
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The last OpenLDAP stable release was a little more than a month ago, and I've used that suite of products many times to much success.
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Best answer: If it's anything like OIM, the Oracle solution will be an expensive over-priced hardware-intensive license-consuming wtf-where-they-thinking mess.

One of the reasons there aren't many open source solutions that seem to be maintained is that only big companies tend to use virtual directories at the moment.

Red Hat has a supported open-source commercial offering.
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