How do I get a customized North Korean propaganda poster made?
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How do I get a customized North Korean propaganda poster made as a wedding present?

One of my friends is getting married and I imagine that he and his new wife would love to have a North Korean propoganda poster with their faces painted on it. Ideally, it will show the two of them in quilted uniforms shouting something in Korean about imperialism and yelling "Juche!" to eachother. And yes, this really is my idea of a wedding present.

I've found a company that does custom Bollywood movie posters and figured there has to be something out there for North Korean propoganda posters.

Here's one example of the style of art I'm looking for. Here's another example.

For the record, while totalitarian art/social realism art is cool, the regimes and their horror that go with this style of art is nauseating to me.
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Best answer: If Chinese propaganda is acceptable there's MaoPost. I've been considering ordering something from them for a couple of years, but have no personal experience with their service.
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I've had some luck finding artists to create custom works on Craigslist. Prices vary wildly, but you might be able to find someone with real talent who will do it for cheap out of boredom.

For instance, my payment for one (above and beyond awesome) show flyer consisted of going over to Maggot's (the artist's name) apartment and playing my accordion for a few minutes while he aimed color-gelled lights at me and videotaped. Then I watched him tear apart his own accordion. Then I left, and naturally never heard from him again.
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(Also, pretty awesome idea.)
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Best answer: This guy did it by outsourcing the work to China. There are a lot of Chinese companies that churn out cheap oil reproductions of classic paintings, and if you go to one of their websites you can usually ask them to make a custom or modified painting of whatever you want for ridiculously low prices.
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