where to get grad photos in Toronto?
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Where can I get affordable college grad pictures, complete with cap (if applicable?) and gown, in Toronto?

I attended a small private career college and we didn't have grad photos taken; I don't know if we will even have a ceremony. I never graduated from highschool, so having college grad pics is really important to me. Is there somewhere in Toronto that I can go to have grad photos taken, that is affordable and provides the gown? (I got a diploma, not a degree, so I'm not sure whether I am supposed to wear a cap or not). I heard that you can get photos at Walmart, but I don't think they provide the duds.
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They might, give them a call. I think the Loblaws chain (Real Canadian Superstore, Fortinos etc) also have the necessary duds.
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A lot of people buy their cap and gown and then hang them up in their closet to never be worn again, so ask around to your friends to see if they would be willing to lend you theirs for pictures.
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Alternately, see if that costume place on McCaul has some you can rent for the day.
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