Narrow, tall or shallow washing machine to fit in a bathroom?
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I am looking for a clothes washing machine to fit into a relatively small apartment's bathroom. The bathroom was not originally intended for the installation of a washing machine, though there is just barely sufficient space, so I'm looking for something that is sort of tall and narrow, or shallower than normal in dimensions, not cube shaped like the typical front loading machine.

Several years ago I saw such machines in a Media Markt store in Germany. The machine I'm looking for is shaped sort of like this.. They do not appear to be common in Canada or North America, where people are accustomed to purchasing monstrously sized washing machines. Can anyone recommend a specific model which fits my needs, even if I need to order it from Amazon or another online US-based distributor?
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Response by poster: I guess I forgot to add: The important part, dimensionally, is that the two machines I linked have footprints (width/depth) of 40 x 60 cm.

This is narrower than a typical cube shaped 6kg machine which might be 50 x 60 cm or 55 x 60 cm. The height is not an issue.
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Wal*Mart has the Avanti Portables, which are quite small. I don't know if you wanted something permanent, but this would also save you the hassle of having the plumbing put in.
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Response by poster: Unfortunately that measures 52.5 x 57.15 cm in footprint which is about the same size as a typical 5kg/6kg size front loading cube shaped machine.
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This Haier version is 34-23/32" h x 21-1/8" w x 19-11/16"
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This washer's width is 44 cm. That's the smallest I was able to find. It's got a pretty small drum, though.
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And here are all the washers on the Home Depot site that fit your specs.
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The Haier HLP23E is still a 53cm x 50cm footprint. I think the HLP21N that Night_owl links to is as low as it goes in the US before you get into really small countertop models.
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Response by poster: I think those narrow (40cm) machines that are common in Europe might not exist in North America... It's hard to explain, but the 1.0 cubic foot Haier machine with a top loading drum manages to be both wider, yet have much less capacity than the 6kg narrow machines in Germany.

The drum in the narrow machines I'm looking for is at a 90 degree angle from a small top loading machine such as the US-spec Haier, and has a hatch in the side for loading/unloading laundry. The drum rotates the same way as a front loading machine except you open a door in the top, rather than the side.
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Response by poster: After much google image searching I've found a small image showing how the drum is arranged in those narrow Euro-spec washing machines... There's a hatch in the side of it. Apparently such machines are also sold in the UK?
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I have the Haier HLP21E. According to the box (which I just checked) it's dimensions are: Width: 17 19/32" (447mm), Depth: 17 1/4" (438mm) Height: 29 29/32" (760mm), and weights 50.7 lbs. Note that this differs slightly from what the Amazon page says; I'm not sure what's up with that.

I wasn't able to find anything reasonably priced locally, and shipping via Amazon (to Canada) was either not possible or ridiculous. I finally lucked out and found a guy selling this and similar models on Craigslist; he was literally getting them shipped from China and then selling them out of his garage. The washer works pretty good for what it is, though. It fits about 1/3 of a normal load and hooks pretty easily to the sink.
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What dimensions do you actually have available?
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Response by poster: The dimensions I have available are pretty much matching the width of the German/continental Europe spec washing machines in the first post - 40 to 42 cm wide. It's along the bathroom wall opposite the toilet, in an area that holds a large laundry basket right now... By relocating the laundry basket to another place, and moving a towel holder up the wall a bit, there's a perfect space for a machine with a footprint measuring 40x60cm in footprint, plus room for routing a drain hose and water supply flexible pipe. Height is not a limitation.
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